We psychoanalysed the algorithm, we found ourselves inside of it, extracted our own essence like the internet's wisdom tooth, and made PHRASER, an algorithm birthed of its own reflection, which is ours, a mise en abyme of human and algorithm, trained to speak and see what all of us see, all of the time, all at once. PHRASER is a neurotic artificial intelligence that reclaims race, gender, and the human mind from the servers of technocapital.

PHRASER TEST DREAM is the first stage of PHRASER’s evolution. PHRASER’s first generation of NFTs will be available for purchase, scored by a collective of musicians. Visitors and buyers will be directed to calculate and offset their carbon footprint by gathering and planting seeds that will be available at the gallery.

What happens if the AI at the end of the rainbow is just as cooked as we are?

And why wouldn’t it be????

Come to FUTURES in Collingwood for:
  1. An AI of just this kind in the gallery
  2. A collection of 20 video works produced by Sam Lieblich and the AI, each individually scored by 20 musicians
  3. Non Fungible Tokens a participatory performance by Sam Lieblich
  4. Split Second Sight a roving provocation by Ceri Hann 
  5. An opportunity to offset your emissions for free